Well that was exciting!

So, yesterday was the day that the version of the "old" RSSRadio went out that points users over to the "New" RSSRadio for iOS7. 

I think its fair to say that things didn't entirely go to plan, the version of RSSRadio 7 that was on the App Store® had an issue with downloading over cellular networks. This was due to a change Apple made to iOS7 during the beta process after I had completed and tested that area of the app. 

So overnight i pushed a fixed version, actually i had a lot of fixes ready so the version on the store is significantly improved today.

I'm receiving lots of feedback and its all welcome, i'd like to address 2 negative things here:

 "I hate the new UI, why have you changed it, there was nothing wrong with the old one"

I made this change because I believe its better for the vast majority of users, most people are interested in "what do i have ready to listen to" and "what have i got queued up to play". 

I accept this change won't be for everybody, and that is why i am leaving the current version available on the store.

"Why is this a seperate app, i should get this upgrade for free!" 

Firstly - speak to the guys above! If i just made an update to the current app everyone would be forced into the new UI.

Also, and more importantly, the code for RSSRadio's UI needed significant update so i needed to start again. Its taken 3 months of work to create RSSRadio7 and I don't believe that $0.99 is a large price to pay for that work which has laid the foundation for some great things to come.

RSSRadio has had free upgrades for the last 3 years, my intention is that RSSRadio7 will have free updates for the next 3 years. $0.33 per year thats not too painful is it?