Shared Calendar 2 (Previous Shared Custody Calendar)

Shared Calendar (formally Custody Calendar) is a simple one entry per day shared calendar application.

You can store a daily pattern against each Shared Calendar to store your work shifts, child custody days or any other repeating pattern.

Once added a calendar can be shared with as many people as you like. You can email or SMS invites to others who can view the calendar on the web or iPhone App. You can set permissions for people you invite to read only, read-write or read-write and invite others.

Shared Calendar can be used by anyone who needs to share a calendar ( but is especially useful for managing a childs schedule when the parents are no longer together).

  • background app refresh keeps always up to date
  • push notifications when entries are changed
  • annotate each day with a repeating schedule (child with mum / dad, working days, nights etc...)
  • full audit trail, see who changed what, no more misunderstandings!
  • web interface, use the shared calendar even without an iPhone!
  • search your calendars