I've heard from many iSitter users that want to use their "spare" devices as a baby end of the monitor.

This seems like a great use of an old device, but it does present a couple of problems.

You need to use an old copy of iSitter, as I gradually move things forward which stops me being able to support old iOS versions on the app. These old iSitter versions might have bugs, connection issues or just plain bad UI.

Old versions also may not work with newer ones as I haven't tested them and Apple changes things out of my control, and to be honest I introduce bugs or drop features. (uncompressed audio anyone...).

So, here is the solution. A copy of iSitter which works with old iOS versions and devices, but runs the latest Baby code.

This 'Baby Only' version has some limitations to keep things simple.

  • No in-app-purchases
  • Connection only via Wifi / or iSitter Connect
  • Baby only (obviously)
  • No live video support (iPhones before the 4 can't do it anyway)