Easier searching and a new show layout

RSSRadio 3.2.7 is now available for update. This update brings a global search feature and a new layout for the show screen.

The new show screen is much better suited to resizing for different size displays, already handy for using the same layout on the iPhone and iPad and this will become more useful later this year I think...

Here is the complete change log: 


  • Corrected listened instead of archive on the subscription detail list swipe 
  • Multi select actions menu is now on play queue to allow quicker archiving, removing
  • Added archiving to actions menu on playlist
  • Fix some layout issues on iPad
  • A few smaller bug fixes


  • New layout for show detail screen


  • NEW: Global search function on iPhone Podcasts screen
  • NEW: Link on show detail screen to go to Podcast
  • Fixed: Chapters view wasn’t themed
  • Pressing play all when nothing is ready to play will give an error message
  • Popup menu in episode list has a “not listened” option
  • Trying to add to play queue when not ready to play will give error message
  • Lightened the tint colour in dark mode
  • Fixed: Some slider controls were difficult to adjust
  • Smoothed out some of the animations
  • Fixed some show artwork issues
  • Downloads will not start if <50Mb device space available
  • Fixed issues with lock screen playback time display
  • The dar.fm API has been deprecated, new users are to just use the custom rss feed.
  • Improved support for hourly shows
  • Resolved some issues with future iOS versions