January 2016 Update

I hope 2016 has started as well for you and your family as it has for me and mine.

I thought a short update might be useful, i've been working on a few different projects.

New Apps

I've written a couple of new apps, pretty niche, that I wanted myself.

U Value Insulation Calculator is a tool for to calculate the actual and potential insulation qualities of your home.

UK Live Radio is a simple, stylish radio streaming app with pre-programmed stations from throughout the UK

App Updates

I'm taking some time to get all the bugs and crashes out of my existing apps, you will have seen quite a few small updates for them

Open Source Projects

I've been contributing to a couple of open source projects.

https://github.com/project-imas/encrypted-core-data - iOS Core Data encrypted SQLite store using SQLCipher

https://github.com/axsy-dev/react-native-winjs - A framework for building Windows Mobile (WinJS) apps with React Native compatible API.